Training Frequency

To have your training frequently stimulting or to prevail your last workout's effect it's important to work out in a specific frequency. To maximize your adaptive processes it's important to know the time what your body takes to recover. It's important to know the state when the training intensity grows and when it reduces.

3 ways how to regulate your training frequency

1.Train 3 times a week
 This frequency is followed by Bompa and also a very strong 60s bodybuilder Chuck Sipes. This is one of the most known training frequency in the world.

2.Lift heavy atleast 6 times a week 
 This frequency one of the most succesful followers are Mel Hennesey and world famous Bulagrian lifters.

3.Lift heavy and return when you know that you can lift more than the last you did
 It is important to go back to the gym when you know that your body is fully recovered from the last session.
This means that you may train the same muscle group once in every 3-10 days. This frequency is supported by Fred Hatfield who is known as a very succesful powerlifter and also Mike Mcdonald - the worlds strongest bench presser.

Conclusions on training frequency

1. Training frequency matters from the athletes muscle growth, development and genes.
2. The actual time that we spend in the gym training is definately an important factor.
3. Training method has a big influence on our muscle growth and recovery. If we train harder and add more pressure on explosive exercises, the muscle recovery is longer.
4. If there are no time issues then training twice a day is not a problem as long as you will train the same muscle group in another 4-6 days. 
5. When setting up your training frequency it is important to keep in mind your whole training schedual and how it will look like. Try to stick on one training plan.